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Fire reinvented...

Professionally balancing convenience and aesthetics with the latest trends in home heating, Beauty Fires offers an extensive collection of vent free biofuel and gas fireplaces as well as design improvements on the traditional vented wood and gas fireplaces in one convenient location.


We source our biofuel fireplaces from the best brands both nationally and internationally as well as manufacture our own exclusive ranges locally. Our biofuel fireplaces (also referred to as bio-ethanol fireplaces) are completely vent free and require no chimney or gas installation. They are quick and easy to install. They don’t produce any harmful by-products, are virtually maintenance free, are not reliant on any power supply and they’re completely safe to use. Plus the flames are real and the heat is instant. These biofuel fireplaces are the only vent-free (novent) fires that are allowed in bedrooms. A biofuel fireplace is the perfect choice for both home owners and renters. If you relocate, your biofire moves with you. A Biofuel fireplace will keep nature smiling and your conscience clear.


Beauty Fires offer two types of gas fireplaces. Ventfree (novent) and vented. The novent gas fireplace has revolutionised gas fireplaces due to the fact that you no longer need a chimney. These vent free gas fireplaces offer more design flexibility than it's vented predecessor. A novent gas fireplace burns 99% efficient which makes it an environmentally friendly option. Browse our range to see more.We have given the vented gas fireplace a rebirth in offering most of our beautiful wood burning fireplaces in a gas burning option. We offer freestanding , built in  and double sided gas fireplaces.


The traditional wood burning fireplace has been with humanity since the creation of fire. Beauty Fires has been at the forefront in offering our customers the best wood fireplaces from around the world. In our portfolio we have the worlds first suspended rotating wood fireplace designed by Dominique Imbert. Our wood fireplace collection is incomparable in South Africa and certainly redefines the "traditional" concept of the hearth.

Beauty Fires have fireplace showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our fireplaces are delivered nation wide.

Beauty Fires
– truly beautiful. Welcome the warmth in your home.


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We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributors in Southern Africa for Ak47 Space
Our Johannesburg collaboration with The Modern Home Company and Fibre Designs - 03Cubed - is now