HALO - Open hearth wood burning fireplace 700mm in diameter which rotates 360 degrees.
Beauty Fires 
Suspended fireplaces

There is a powerful aesthetic when fire floats in mid-air……. Suspended fireplaces create a unique presence in any environment and our open burning fireplaces provide a beautiful aesthetic of crackling fire and comforting warmth.

 Contemporary architecture has seen an increase in suspended fireplaces reminiscent of the sixties when they were first created. Beauty Fires offers locally manufactured suspended fireplaces available in various shapes and sizes in both wood or biofuel burning alternatives.

Hand forged in carbon steel and treated with a matt black coating they are stunning focal features in any home.



AERO - Open hearth wood burning fireplace 1200mm in diameter which rotates 360 degrees.
GLOBE - Closed hearth fireplace 700mm in diameter which rotates 360 degrees.
BALL - Open hearth freestanding spherical fireplace with suspended gather 1000mm in diameter.
CONE - Open hearth wood burning fireplace 1000mm in diameter which rotates 360 degrees.
SILO - Open hearth freestanding base with suspended conical gather 1000mm or 1200mm in diameter.
FLOAT - Open hearth biofuel burning fireplace available in 1000mm or 1200mm in diameter.
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