A New Freestanding Fireplace Collection

 A new addition to already popular insert collection is a range of freestanding fireplaces with log storage or a bench below, counter top fireplaces or wall mounted fireplace options. A collection with an A, 75% and 5 * star efficiency rating and 10kw - 13kw nominal heat output, these steel and cast-iron fireplaces are available in two sizes; 800mm and 1000mm wide with a fully glazed black facade. An extremely strong black cast-iron interior offers a welcomed change from standard vermiculite whilst adding to the strength and durability of the combustion chamber with a removable ash pan and clean air wash glass system with primary ventilation control.

The Lacunza Collection

Lacunza is an iconic Spanish brand situated in the heart of Navarra with more than 50 years’ experience. They manufacture steel and cast-iron fireplaces for the international wood-burning market and focus their attention on innovation, sophisticated design technology, ecology and maximum energy efficiency. Their contemporary and sleek designs offer multiple variations in terms of aesthetics.

They are fully certified with the accredited French Flamme Verte (Green Flame) and Spanish EFECC. Their responsibility: to guarantee exceptional quality, high heat efficiency and commitment to the environment with the highest safety standards set in Europe.


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JHB: +27 (0)61 102 9494 /
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