The Cocoon Collection

The Cocoon Collection offers contemporary biofuel fireplaces that are as functional as they are beautiful and we are pleased to announce a 25% price reduction with all 2019 models. 

Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero, they are available as either the suspended Aeris, freestanding Pedestal or wall mounted Vellum and are manufacturted in either carbon steel with a high heat resistant matt black satin finish or polished 316 marine grade stainless steel.
The Cocoon Aeris bioethanol fireplace is suspended, has six adjustable height settings and can rotate 360 degrees. There are also extensions available for higher installations and additional mounting brackets for pitched ceilings.

The Cocoon Pedestal is a portable and freestanding bioethanol fireplace and is perfect for appartments, bedrooms or balconies and suitable for exterior coastal conditions due to the high stainless steel grade.

The Cocoon Vellum is a modern and easy to install, wall mounted fireplace which offers a unique clean aesthetic.

Biofuel is fast becoming an effortless alternative to traditional gas or wood fireplaces due to its ease of use and installation possibilities. 

It is an environmentally friendly fuel made from plant matter and all Cocoon fireplaces are flueless producing no smoke or harmful emissions and will burn for up to six hours on 1.5L of fuel. 
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