What does the Beauty Fires product range include?
Beauty Fires supplies a wide range of fireplaces including gas, bioethanol and wood fireplaces.
What is biofuel?
Biofuel is an environmentally friendly liquid fuel based on ethanol from plant origin.
Is the use of biofuel safe?
Biofuel is being used worldwide. It is completely safe to be used as a fireplace fuel, as it doesn’t emit any harmful smoke, gases or unpleasant odours when burning. Only carbon dioxide and water vapour are released – in proportions similar to those contained in human breath.
Can other liquid be used to fuel the bioethanol fireplaces?
The usage of a different liquid fuel type will void the warranty and might result in the emission of smoke, harmful gases and unpleasant odours.
Which gas is used for the gas fireplaces?
Our gas fireplaces are fuelled by standard liquid petroleum gas but most of them can be converted to natural gas.
Is the use of gas safe?
LPG is being used worldwide as the most common source of fuel for heating.
What are the advantages of a biofuel fireplace compared to the others?
Biofuel fireplaces do not require the installation of a gas supply. It also doesn’t require the storage of wood, nor produces smoke, ash and residue like traditional wood fireplaces. A biofuel fireplace is a modern design feature that adds a touch of luxury its environment. Our biofuel fireplaces are completely vent free and flueless. There’s no need to install a chimney or any venting conducts. Lighting the fire is quick and easy and the heat is instant.
What are the advantages of a gas fireplace compared to the others?
The usage of a gas fireplace is very cost effective. It also doesn’t require the storage of wood or produce smoke, ash and residue like traditional wood fireplaces. A gas fireplace is a modern design feature that adds a touch of luxury to its environment. Our gas fireplaces are completely vent free and flueless. There’s thus no need to install a chimney or any venting conducts. Lighting the fire is quick and easy and the heat is instant.
What are the advantages of a traditional wood fireplace compared to others?
Traditional wood fireplaces add a mood to a room like no other. The heat produced by a wood fireplace is also much more than the heat output from a biofuel or gas fireplace.
Are all the fireplaces offering real fire?
All the Beauty Fires fireplaces offer real flames and real heat – adding actual practical usage to the overall visual attractiveness of the modern designs.
Does Beauty Fires accommodate custom designs?
We welcome your custom designs and will help you create the correct atmosphere whatever the style of your home.
Can a traditional fireplace be converted into a biofuel / ethanol fireplace?
A biofuel fireplace insert can simply be mounted in the old fireplace cavity.
How are the fireplaces mounted?
Our extensive range of models includes fireplaces that are mounted directly in the wall, on a countertop or hanging from the ceiling. We offer single sided, double sided and freestanding fireplaces. Some of the models are even portable and can very easily be moved to wherever the heat or visual impact is required. The portable units are also ideal for those who rent, as they can be moved with their owners.
Can the biofuel or gas fireplaces be used outside?
We offer various models suitable for installation outdoors. The portable units can also temporarily be moved outdoors to create ambiance at a patio, pool or garden party.
Can the heating be regulated?
Most of the biofuel and gas fireplace models are equipped with a burner shutter or regulator allowing the regulation of the flame size. With the traditional wood furnaces, it’s simply a matter of adding less wood.
Do the fireplaces require any special maintenance?
The biofuel and gas fireplaces do not produce any ash or leave any residues. Maintenance is thus minimal and the units can be cleaned with domestic cleaning products. The traditional wood fireplaces require ash removal and the cleaning of the glass panels to remove smoke residue.
How are biofuel fires being lit and extinguished?
Each model comes with a special tool used for lighting the fireplace. In most cases the fire is extinguished using the same tool or by means of closing a shutter to smother the flame.
How are the gas fireplaces being lit and extinguished?
The fireplaces are lit with a special switch and no fire lighter is required. Extinguishing the fire simply requires turning off the gas supply. It should never be attempted to blow out the flames or to smother the fire by hand.
How long does the biofuel last for?
It greatly depends on the model and whether the unit offers a flame adjustment setting. 1 litre of biofuel offers roughly 1 – 3 hours of burning time.
Where can the biofuel refills be purchased?
Biofuel can be purchased directly from Beauty Fires in 4 x 5L containers.
How are the products delivered?
The fireplaces, barbeques and furniture can be collected from our warehouse / showroom in Table View, near Cape Town (South Africa). Our prices include delivery within South Africa. We also ship worldwide – however, the international courier costs are excluded from the product prices.
How are the products installed?
Our fireplaces should be installed strictly according to the manufacture’s installation instructions. Depending on the chosen mounting, most of our fireplaces are very easy to install and can be done with the help of a handyman or qualified installer.
What are the product warranties?
Our various product ranges have different warranties – ranging from 1 year from date of purchase.