Gas Fireplaces

Beauty Fires offer both flue less ( vent free ) and flued gas fireplaces. Our range include some of the worlds best and most efficient fireplaces that are remote controlled.  We also offer our take on a vent-free ones which are very efficient and easy to install. Our Vent free or flue less fireplaces are available with or without pebbles/coals and with manual or remote control. These fireplaces have to be installed by a registered installer and a flue less vent free one is not allowed in a bedroom unless there is permanent natural draft extraction.

Choose from suspended fireplaces, drop-in gas burners, built-in fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces, freestanding and dual sided fireplaces.

Why not convert your old wood fireplace and upgrade your lifestyle with a modern remote controlled fireplace today.

Gas fireplaces Cape Town, South Africa and the world over: we cater for both beauty and fires.

View our range of Gas Fireplaces below:

What is a Gas Fireplace?

A Gas Fireplace emits absolutely no smoke, but rather vents its waste gases to the outside through a tube in the wall rather than a chimney. They have become more and more popular over the years and you will often find people replacing their old wood fireplaces with these ones.

Gas fireplaces aren’t only efficient, but also gives you the pleasure of watching the flames which means the romantic and cozy aspect does not get taken away.

On top of it all, these fireplaces are amazing at heating up your home and it requires very little tending. You can either light your fireplace with a control panel or a fireplace key and after that is done, you can simply sit back and relax while you feel the warmth creeping into the corners of the room.

Being easy to use, a constant source of heat and energy efficient, gas fireplaces are the perfect addition to any house – you just have to find the one that suits yours best.

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