Wood Fireplaces

Our wood fireplaces are an astonishing upgrade from traditional fireplaces that inspired their designs. Few things comes close to producing a similar atmosphere of romance and nostalgia than a wood fireplace. Our range of wood burning fireplaces extend from traditional fireplaces to unique modern fireplaces. They are available in various shapes and sizes to suit any interior. Our range of indoor and outdoor wood fireplaces are unique and inspiring.

Beauty Fires offer exclusive wood fireplace brands such as AK47 and Antrax. Whether you’re looking for a built-in fireplace, freestanding wood fireplace, hanging or suspended wood fireplace, a closed combustion fireplace or slow combustion fireplace or perhaps an outdoor fire pit, we have what you need.

Appreciate fire as intended by nature – safely and conveniently, in the comfort of your own home.

View our range of Wood Fireplaces below:

What is a Wood Fireplace?

Wood Fireplaces have been around since the day the idea was born and still to this day, they seem to have something rather unique and special about them. The simple concept of wood burning creates not only a romantic and nostalgic environment, but is also the perfect way of heating up your home.

Inspired by the traditional design, Beauty Fires has decided to provide you with more modern-looking wood fireplaces to suit and complement the rest of your interior design.

Using these fireplaces haven’t changed since day one which means you simply need to collect some hard woods which burn easier than soft woods. Light them on fire by using kindling and then just continue to stack on more if it starts to burn out.

Once it has all been burnt out, you can clean it up nicely by using a vacuum machine to get rid of soot and dust. Then clean the walls with a wire brush and scraper.

Once in a while, it will be necessary to do a thorough clean where you take out all the parts and clean them down properly.

Vintage, yet modern – you cannot go wrong with one of these.

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  • The Aero suspended fireplace is part of the hanging fireplace collection by Signi Fires. The Aero commands a presence wherever it is installed, effortlessly integrating...
    Aero suspended fireplace
  • There is a powerful aesthetic when fire floats in mid air. Cone suspended wood burning fireplace is hand forged to order and ideal for spaces that require a special presence and focal...
    Cone Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace
  • The Globe hanging fireplace is part of the hanging fireplace collection by Signi Fires. The Globe is a closed hearth hanging wood fireplace that can rotate...
    Globe Hanging Fireplace
  • The Halo hanging fireplace is part of the hanging fireplace collection by Signi Fires. The Halo is an open hearth hanging wood fireplace that can rotate...
    Halo Hanging Fireplace
  • Silo Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace is created by hand with each Silo as unique as the one before. It's shape and placement creates a distinctive presence in...
    Silo Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace