Wood ovens

Beauty Fires offer wood-fired ovens in both built-in and freestanding options. These wood-fired ovens are manufactured in Italy guaranteeing quality and durability. Whether used as a pizza oven, or for the preparation of other old-worldly Italian dishes such as pastas, breads and meat dishes, these ovens are made from the highest quality materials and come with the Fontana family heritage. They are suitable for outdoor installations but equally fantastic indoors. A fantastic addition to your lifestyle.

If you love entertaining then a wood-fired oven is the perfect way to get friends and family around for meals that become memories.

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  • Inc is short for “incorporated,” and that’s exactly what you get with this series of wood ovens — the finest Italian-designed and built in wood ovens that can...
    Inc Q series built in wood oven
  • If you want the best features of the Gusto wood oven, but you value permanence over portability, then you’ll love the Inc V built-in wood oven. It...
    Inc V series built in wood oven