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Ball Suspended Fireplace

The Ball Suspended Fireplace is an open hearth suspended fireplace. The top sphere of the fireplace is suspended with the foot piece standing on the floor. The base of the fireplace has a hidden ash tray for easy cleaning. The standard model includes flue pipes up to 3 meters and can be customized for specific installations that require higher suspension. Each fireplace is individually hand crafted and unique. The Ball suspended fireplace is a favourite for bush lodges and other hospitality installations.

The Ball is available as a wood, gas or a bio-ethanol fireplace. The wood and gas options will require a flue pipe to exit your roof but with the bio-ethanol version you don’t need an external flue pipe. The bio-ethanol option uses the round bio ethanol fire pit and is great for apartments or places where a flue pipe or chimney is not possible or not allowed.

From R86,495.00

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