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Built In Flueless Gas Fireplace

Creating your own built in flueless gas fireplace is easy with the Signi Fires® range of built in fireboxes and fluless gas fireplaces. A built in fluless gas fireplace offer you the ability to convert your existing wood fireplace to gas or to create a new modern fireplace. The built in gas fireplace is available from 1100mm up to 2250mm wide. The firebox is coated with a special high heat matt black powder coat to withstand the high temperatures.  Fascia’s are available in white, black or brushed stainless steel.

A Signi Fires built in fluless gas fireplace does not require a chimney and doesn’t produce any smoke. This feature gives you the flexibility to install the fireplace in areas previously not possible. The fluless gas fireplace simplifies fireplace installation  to install the fireplace without having to dedicate a large amount of floor space in your room.

All gas fireplaces must be installed by a registered gas installer. A flueless gas fireplace requires fresh oxygen from below the fireplace. Keep this in mind when designing your own fireplace using a Signi Fires gas firebox.

From R20,096.55

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