Charnwood C-Eight
Freestanding closed combustion fireplaceFreestanding closed combustion fireplaceFreestanding closed combustion fireplace

Charnwood C-Eight Closed Combustion Fireplace

The C-Series is Charnwood’s latest innovation. A range of classically styled wood burning fireplaces that feature one single air control and an integrated outlet for ducting external air. The Charnwood C-Eight delivers an exceptionally clean burn with outstanding efficiency and can be fitted with a drop-in multifuel grate for burning solid fuel and an optional store stand to raise the stove off the ground. A rear heat shield is also available enabling the stove to be placed closer to the wall.

The standard colour is black with seven additional colours available on special order.
Please view the video and PDF’s below for more information.

What size? Use our stove calculator to select the most suitable Charnwood fireplace for your room.

About Charnwood

Charnwood have been manufacturing Charnwood Dry Stoves, the modern closed combustion fireplace (wood burning stove) for a period spanning 5 decades. They are a family owned business (parent company is A J Wells & Sons Ltd) and they have built a reputation for excellence, honesty and integrity throughout Europe, North America, Oceania and South Africa.

Their manufacturing ‘ethic’ is one built firmly on quality materials and expertise. Their factories are all sited on the Isle Of White where they employ local labour and utilise close to 100% British manufactured raw materials.

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