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Cocoon Aeris Bioethanol Fireplace

The Cocoon Aeris bio ethanol fireplace is as functional as its beautiful. Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero. A bio ethanol fireplace runs on biofuel which is clean and environmentally friendly.

The Cocoon Aeris bio ethanol fireplace is suspended from the ceiling and can easily be moved from room to room with the use of additional fitted mounting brackets. The hanging pipe is height adjustable with 6 settings. There are extensions available for higher ceilings and additional mounting brackets as optional accessories.

The Cocoon Aeris body is available in polished grade 316 stainless steel or carbon jet black. Make sure to check your ceiling height as the Cocoon Aeris is 182cm fully extended. Extension poles are available. Watch the videos below to see how easy the Cocoon Aeris is operated.

From R48,895.00

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