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Piero Wood & Gas combo Pizza Oven

The Piero wood and gas combo pizza oven is the latest innovation from the Fontana family. Traditionally pizza ovens were made to burn wood after which gas controlled pizza ovens were introduced. Now for the first time you get to enjoy a pizza oven that offers you both options in one beautifully crafted culinary weapon. The patented system of the Piero wood and gas combo pizza oven gives you the option to use gas or wood or use both at the same time. When gas and wood is used simultaneously the oven reaches optimal temperature faster giving you more time to entertain your guests.

There is no need to remove the gas burners when using wood, they are protected inside the cooking chamber. The Piero’s door is used to control the heat and with its glass panel you can expertly determine when your pizza’s are ready.

Cooking perfect pizza requires temperatures that conventional kitchen ovens cannot reach. Fontana’s Piero every day oven reach temperatures over 400 ° C in 10minutes, allowing cooking results worthy of the most expert professional pizza chef.



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