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Rocal D7 Closed Combustion Fireplace

Rocal is a Spanish brand, which has been producing top quality closed combustion fireplaces for over 30 years. The Rocal D7 Closed Combustion Fireplace has a number of innovative features which are shared across the contemporary looking Graffiti range.  Its circular glass door gives this wood fireplace its striking appeal.

It also has a reversible front door, stainless steel combustion chamber, vermiculite lining, wrap around casing, optional hot air conduction, air control from the front or top, as well as a large ashpan for cleaning when needed.  Rated between 10Kw and 15Kw it has a huge output for your larger open plan areas.

The D7 comes standard with one length of wall mounted flue cover but more pieces can be added should you have a higher ceiling.

Included in the Rocal wall mounted range is the Drop and D8 .

Please look at the PDF’s below for more information.



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