Silo Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace
Silo wood burning fireplaceSilo wood burning fireplaceSilo suspended fireplace

Silo Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace

Silo Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace is created by hand with each Silo as unique as the one before. It’s shape and placement creates a distinctive presence in any space where it is displayed. The base of the canopy, the fire grate and flue length can be customised to suit bespoke orders. The Silo offers fire in its historic essence, in the middle of the room providing heat and beautiful aesthetics.

The Silo wood burning fireplace is available in two standard sizes (1000Ø and 1200Ø) and is forged with carbon steel and finished in a matt black coating. Custom sizes can be made for larger spaces. The Silo is only available in black. The flue connections and anchor position is customised to perfectly suit your environment.

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