Insert Spit Braai
Braai door closed

Stainless steel insert Spit braai

Beauty Fires offer a fresh approach to our national pass time the humble braai. Our wood braai provide home chef’s with the ultimate cooking weapon to impress their guests. The insert Spit braai is available in two sizes 1700 and 2000mm and in wood/charcoal only. The Spit braai comes standard with the 40kg capacity heavy duty motor which allows you to cater for many friends and family in one cook. Also included is a large stainless steel tray for cutting meat and the spit arm and spikes.

Our standard finish is 304 stainless steel but we offer the braai in 316 stainless steel for extra protection against corrosion. Our braais are 100% grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, we do not use inferior grades such as 430 on any part of the braai. The insert spit braai comes standard with a large sliding door that folds neatly underneath the braai and doubles as a functional work surface. When the door is closed it gives the braai a luxurious aesthetic. Optional frame and doors are available for below the braai.

The spit insert braai is designed to be inserted into a prebuilt chimney breast and works with natural draft, however an extraction canopy (gather) can be fitted to the braai for flue fitment or motorised extraction. If a gather is requested customers must also install flu pipes with or without motorised extraction. Speak to our team for a custom extraction solution to fulfill your culinary desires. Please view the technical sheets below in the specifications tab.


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