Taurus SI
Canature Taurus SI (2015)Canature Taurus SI Freestanding low res

Taurus SI Closed Wood Burning Fireplace


The Taurus SI closed wood burning fireplace is part of the Canature range. Canature is a Canadian fireplace design company. The Taurus can be used in various different installation options. The Taurus SI closed wood burning fireplace is designed to be a freestanding or built in wood burning fireplace. Its door seals the combustion chamber to make the Taurus more efficient and slow burning.

If you choose to install the Taurus SI as a freestanding option you can add the optional wood storage / fireplace stand  and if you opt for the built in installation you can add the optional fascia that will cover the cut out in the wall to give a neat finish.

There are three more options available for the Taurus. Taurus P3F, Taurus XL and Taurus P3F Double sided.


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Canature Taurus SI closed wood burning fireplace   Canature Taurus SI Insert closed wood burning fireplace specs